New Haven Railroad Geometry at Port Chester, New York.

Exposed with a Rolleiflex Model T set up with a ‘super-slide’ 645-size insert; Verichrome Pan black & white film. Image scanned in May 2019 using an Epson V750 scanner.
Reformatted version of the same image at top. Some viewers indicated they were unable to see the image in the original format. Both should appear the same.

August 1987; with Rolleiflex in hand, I spent an evening at Port Chester, New York along the former New Haven Railroad four-track electrified main line.

Port Chester offered several attractions. The nearly north-south alignment of the track made it a great place to catch eastward trains in the evening light.

Metro-North was operating a variety of trains using its venerable FL9s (dual-mode diesel-electric/third-rail electrics), and these tended to face outbound (east) in the evening.

It was along the portion of the line still equipped with New Haven’s distinctive triangular catenary.

Although I focused my efforts on the FL9 powered trains, I also photographed Metro-North’s more common multiple units.

Among the images I made was this high-structured composition that frames a Grand Central bound multiple unit in the structure of the catenary and its supports. There’s a lot of angles here!

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  1. David W. on said:

    I love the use of geometry in the image. The rolling stock is just a bonus.

  2. Anonymous on said:

    I love this image, Brian.

  3. Anonymous on said:

    It seems to working now.

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    Sorry to be a complete pest about this, but the image isn’t displaying again. Its happened more than a few times in recent posts 🙁

    One the positive side, this is at least visible on twitter and love the geometry.


    • Hello John,
      I’ll try to reformat the image and add it to the post.
      As mentioned previously, I don’t know why selected viewers cannot see some images. They appear fine in the proofing process and when I check it on my MAC and iPhone. As result, I can only take shots in the dark to fix it.
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