Irish Rail at Sligo; Techniques for Improving a Dark Slide.

Scaled, but otherwise unadjusted scan.

On April 23, 2000, I exposed this view of Irish Rail 072 with Mark 2s at Sligo.

It was a typical overcast Irish day.

Working with Fujichrome Sensia II (ISO 100), my result was a slightly underexposed colour slide, common with these unflattering lighting conditions.

To improve the photograph, I scanned the original slide at very high resolution (4000 dpi) using a Nikon Super Coolscan5000 digital scanner and outputted the file as a hi-res TIF.

I then imported the TIF into Lightroom and made a few minor changes to contrast, colour balance, and exposure that I feel make for a much-improved photograph.

Adjusted scan.

While I can output the adjusted file as a TIF, the resulting file size is much too large for presentation on this site. Instead, I’ve made a pair of low-res JPG’s specifically sized for internet presentation here. One is scaled from the un-adjusted original scan, the other is my improved scan.

Tracking the Light Posts Daily.

Contrast and density tweaked for internet viewing on social media.

One comment on “Irish Rail at Sligo; Techniques for Improving a Dark Slide.

  1. David A. Cook on said:

    Brian, CIE passenger arrival in THE hey-day of the 071s epitomised! Dead on and sticking’ out! I love this picture!