Turbo Blasted!

Is this a bad photo? It isn’t what I hoped to get.
On January 9, 1986, I braved arctic conditions at Conrail’s Dewitt Yard in East Syracuse, New York to make photos in the snow.
In addition to Conrail views, I exposed two black & white photos of an Amtrak turbo train running from Niagara Falls to Grand Central Terminal.
The head on view is a bit distant, and my trailing exposure was exposed prematurely.
My only excuse is that my hands were numb with cold.
Worse! I seem to have misplaced my detailed notes from the day, so all I have is abbreviated notes on my negative sleeve and a few print captions to work from.
Poor show, me.
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2 thoughts on “Turbo Blasted!”

  1. No, Brian, photo gets my thumbs-up. Frozen turbo-nose, fine flying snow, dirty diesel-smoke above. It is atmospheric. Nice one, Soloman!

  2. The photo may not be perfect, technically, but it has great drama and a lot of winter mood.

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