Irish Rail 129 Leads the Friday Norfolk Liner at Kildare.

May Friday Freight.

Years ago among the treats of Friday freight operations in Ireland were the extra moves. One of my favorites was Friday’s Dublin-Waterford Norfolk liner, which tended to get unusual locomotives and operated down-road midday.

On this day, the train had been held in Kildare during a spell of bright sunshine, but when it finally got the signal to proceed down-road clouds dimmed the scene.

Working with a Nikon N90s and a borrowed 300mm lens I exposed this Fujichrome Sensia II (100 ISO) slide of Irish Rail 129 leading the Norfolk liner through the crossovers west of Kildare station. This was way back in May 2001—18 years ago!

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One comment on “Irish Rail 129 Leads the Friday Norfolk Liner at Kildare.

  1. David A. Cook on said:

    Wow! CIE freight epitomised! Pity you cannot include a sound recording, because when the throttles were pushed open that area of Kildare would know about it! When I worked in Belfast City/Musgrave Park Hospitals in the 1980s the week-day evening freight south from Adelaide Yard in South Belfast was usually double-shotted with Small GMs and they sounded good accelerating through Balmoral Station in the evening quiet. Happy days, Brian!

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