New England Central 611 at Three Rivers, Massachusetts.

Thursday, April 25, 2019, photographer Mike Gardner and I convened at Palmer’s Steaming Tender for lunch. Afterwards we drove northward in search of New England Central’s road freight, 611.

New England Central’s clean locomotives in parent company Genesee & Wyoming’s orange, yellow and black paint, make for handsome subjects, and a welcome change to the days when patched faded liveries of the locomotive’s various former owners predominated.

Anticipating catching 611’s northward run from Palmer, we paused at Three Rivers to check some photo locations and were surprised to hear a southward train approaching.

Lo and behold! It was 611 on its southward run.

Lucky bonus.

After photographing the southward move, we continued our drive north to inspect locations . . . Stay tuned for more!

Photos exposed using my FujiFilm XT1 with 27mm pancake lens.

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    1. Hello John,
      I’ve heard a couple of similar concerns regarding photos uploading. The difficulty seems to have begun when WordPress updated their platform.I don’t see the problem on my end, and when I check the posts using my Apple MacBook and iPhone, the photos appear immediately, so the problem may be with a computer or device interface. However, in the last few minutes I’ve re-uploaded photos for both the NECR at Three Rivers and Low angle at Ovar, Portugal. (Ovar is the name of the town, by the way).

      Unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t have a help line and I’m essentially on my own when problems occur.
      Hopefully re-uploading the photos will sort out the problem.

      Brian Solomon

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