Crazy places to put tracks!

Lisbon trams—Part 2.

Old four wheel cars and ancient buildings are part of the attraction to Lisbon’s antique tram network, but for me the best part are the crazy track arrangements.

This network has some of the most extreme trackage of any railway in the world relying on adhesion principles for traction. In other words: no racks, cogs or cables.

I exposed these black & white views with my Nikon F3 on 1 April 2019 while exploring Lisbon with fellow photographer Denis McCabe.

What better way to spend April Fool’s Day?

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5 comments on “Crazy places to put tracks!

  1. The surviving Lisbon tram lines are but a small portion of what was once a far more extensive system. A few lines use modern cars, but the lines that I photographed are a huge tourist attraction, akin to San Francisco’s cable cars. As far as to the future, I can only guess what may occur.

  2. Is this the photographic genre known as street photography? Seriously, these a wonderful photos. Do you think this tram system will ever be modernized or, gasp, removed/replaced?

  3. Believe it or not, trams used to operate in both directions on these steep narrow streets and the track you’ve described were directional passing sidings that are now out of use. Trams work in one direction only now.

  4. Did there used to be a switch or something on those 2 lower pictures? or do they just push the car over the cobbles?

  5. Paul Roth on said:

    Could have been taken in Pittsburgh 50-or-more years ago,

    Paul R

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