Porto Campanha at Night—four photos.

Monochrome; black & white; noir—what ever you like.

I made these views on an evening in late March at Porto’s Campanha Station using a Nikon F3 loaded with Fomapan 100 Classic film.

Negatives were processed using an dilute HC110 presoak (1-300 with water plus wetting agent) followed by  ID11 1-1 69 F for 7 min 30 sec then following stop, fix and extended rinse, a final bath of selenium toner 1-0 for 7 min 30 sec and re-wash and final rinse in distilled water.

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3 comments on “Porto Campanha at Night—four photos.

  1. A beautiful set of images Brian. Another film I’ve not used. I’m just about to rig up a temporary dark room in the spare room. These processing tips are great insights into what you have done to achieve the fantastic quality prints.

  2. Most Portuguese Railways InterCity trains run with locomotive hauled stainless steel carriages. These are derived from a Budd design built under license. I don’t know much more than than, but they are very attractive and have a great ‘retro’ look about them. Perhaps a Tracking the Light reader knows more. Brian Solomon

  3. Anonymous on said:

    What’s that rather nice stainless steel set, third picture?

    Michael Walsh

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