Porto Metro at Trindade.

In contrast to my April 2014 visit to Porto’s Trindade station , where I remember horizontal rain blowing into the covered over portions of the platforms, my more recent visit was under clear sunny skies.

Trindade is a busy junction station where Porto Metro lines interface with each other.

At the northeastern end of the top level, Metro tracks exit the station into an open area while taking a remarkably tight curve before plunging into a tunnel below the city.

I exposed these views using my ‘new’ Lumix LX7 on a visit to Porto in late March 2019.

Photos were exposed in ‘A’ mode, which allows me to set the lens aperture manually with the camera selecting a corresponding shutter speed to obtain the ideal exposure.

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  1. Nice, but not the same as when it was narrow gauge steam. with an intensive service.

    Michael Walsh

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