Conrail 1980s Flashback: Street-scene Cresson, Pennsylvania.

It was August 1987 and the last day of a ten epic adventure photographing trains in western New York, Ontario, and Pennsylvania.

My pal TSH and I had exhausted our film reserves and were getting ready for the big drive home.

I made this street view looking railroad-west on Front Street in Cresson, Pennsylvania using my dad’s Rolleiflex model T. I scanned this B&W negative recently using an Epson V500 and cleaned it up in Lightroom.

You can just feel the heat in the air. A trio of Conrail GP38s has just pulled by, probably for service on one of the secondary lines that radiated from the old Pennsylvania Railroad Main Line at Cresson.

We made a quick visit to MG Tower and Horseshoe Curve on the way down the hill.

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