Narrow Gauge in the Rain: Atmosphere, Charm and Action!

They said we were mad driving to the Irish Midlands in a March rain to look at bog trains.

But we did anyway.

And we did very well.

Friday March 8, 2019, Paul and Jay Monaghan and I made a foray toward Lanesborough, County Longford to observe Bord na Mona’s Lough Rea system in action.

For me this was repeat of similar trip three weeks earlier.

Here’s a hint: Bord na Mona has one of the coolest train sets in Europe.

The whole operation is like a big garden railway. Well, except that it runs in a bog.

Here’s another hint: just because rain is forecast, doesn’t mean it will rain all day!

More soon!

Tracking the Light Posts Daily.

2 comments on “Narrow Gauge in the Rain: Atmosphere, Charm and Action!

  1. Hi Bob,
    Bord na Mona’s Lough Rea narrow gauge network largely serves ESB’s Lough Rea generating station located at Lanesborough, County Longford, Ireland on the River Shannon. The Peat is collected from the bogs, dried in in mounds and loaded into trains. Ash is returned to the bog at predetermined ‘Ash Cells’ at the south eastern portion of the Bord na Mona Lough Rea network. Typically the Ash train makes two trips from the plant to the Ash Cells daily. Brian Solomon

  2. Anonymous on said:

    Is the peat going to a power plant? If so, where does the ash train dump the Ashes?
    Bob Bentley

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