TRAINS Magazine Podcast: Conversations with Brian Solomon

Check out podcast Episode 17 ‘Conversations with Brian Solomon’: On a frosty day, I discuss the ins and outs of the freight car business with industry professional Dan Bigda. This offers an inside look into real freight railroading.

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Dan has often asked me to make more photographs of freight cars when I’m out and about on the railroad, so here’s a few recent views of North American freight cars on the move exposed on frosty days during my January 2019 trip to Wisconsin.

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3 thoughts on “TRAINS Magazine Podcast: Conversations with Brian Solomon”

  1. Brian you are welcome. I was under the impression that cars in interchange service had to be scrapped at forty years, not fifty according to Dan Bigda. I mention this as two passenger conductors told me freight cars were scrapped at forty years, regardless of condition.

  2. Brian,
    Words fail me in describing how interesting that “Conversations With Brian Solomon” was for me. I learned a lot.
    Thank you,

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