Irish Rail’s Elusive Spoil Train.

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In the realms of the rarely seen on the move, Irish Rail’s bogie spoil train is one of the rarest.

By luck I’d spotted this train running toward Dublin’s North Wall on Wednesday 6 March 2019. And as it happened, the crew was taking train to the yard to swap one set for another.

Patience on my part yielded this view of the train returning from the North Wall. As seen from my standard location at Islandbridge Junction in Dublin.

The bottom line: it helps to live near the tracks, but it also helps to sit tight when something unusual and unscheduled is on the prowl.

Exposed digitally using a FujiFilm XT1 with 90mm prime telephoto.

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2 comments on “Irish Rail’s Elusive Spoil Train.

  1. Tom Rochford on said:

    Brian, I believe “bogie” equals “truck” in railroad/railway parlance. Am I correct?

    • Yes, but this will require greater description/elaboration: In UK/Irish railway parlance historically there was a need to distinguish between four-wheel (fixed wheel) wagons and those with trucks/bogies. So a ‘bogie wagon’ is one with bogies (pairs of swiveling sets of wheels at each end). It has been so long since North American Railroads routinely used four-wheel freight/passenger cars that the need to distinguish these from cars with trucks that it no longer matters. In Tracking the Light I make an attempt to adopt local parlance where possible.I hope this adds clarity. Brian Solomon