White River Junction in the Snow!

Last week, Pat Yough and I drove to White River Junction, Vermont, seeking photographs of Buffalo & Pittsburgh 3000, a classic EMD-built GP40 that works the New England Central (NECR) local freight based there.

We found the engine, and shortly after we arrived a snow squall allowed us to exposed some very wintery images.

It had been several years since my last visit to White River Junction, which historically was among the busiest freight locations in Vermont.

Why is a Buffalo & Pittsburgh engine on the New England Central? My short answer: since both B&P and NECR are Genesee & Wyoming railroads it seems logical that engines from one railroad might be loaned or conveyed to another. However, the detailed particulars of the B&P 3000 arrangement are beyond my knowledge at this time.

Finding B&P in White River was only the beginning of our day photographing NECR operations; Stay tuned for more!

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One comment on “White River Junction in the Snow!

  1. Charles Burns on said:

    In June 2018 I rode an hours late Vermonter from home at Hartford to WRJ and stayed the night at the old hotel there that night. Next morning, waiting for the southbound Vermonter home I had plenty of time to observe NECR and VT Rail sort cars, and make up trains,and I saw this B&P locomotive. It was surprising so I looked up B&P. Glad that you found it too. It was a very pleasant overnight excursion which I intend to repeat

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