East Deerfield—Twenty Two Years Ago Today.

On January 13, 1997, I exposed this Fujichrome Provia slide of Guilford’s EDWJ ready to depart Boston & Maine’s East Deerfield Yard (Massachusetts).

This was two years prior to the Conrail divide and at the time East Deerfield was a relatively quiet place.

I was working with my N90S fitted with a Nikkor 80-200 AF zoom lens.

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2 comments on “East Deerfield—Twenty Two Years Ago Today.

  1. Although changed, East Deerfield is still a pretty neat place, especially in the early morning, or late evening.
    Brian Solomon

  2. Ben Bachman on said:

    I did a lot of picture-taking at East Deerfield in the early 1970s. Back then I thought it was the best place to watch trains in the Northeast, perhaps the country. But nothing lasts forever, especially in the railroad world!

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