Millers Falls High Bridge—Two Views.

Why make one photo and when you can get two?

I like to work with more than one form of media.

In this instance, New England Central’s southward 611 (Brattleboro to Palmer turn) was crawling across the antique Millers Falls Highbridge in its namesake Massachusetts town.

My vantage point was the 2007-built Route 63 highway bridge.

This is more than a century newer than the parallel railway span.

First I exposed a burst of digital photos using my FujiFilm XT1 fitted with 90mm lens. Then I made a single black & white photo on HP5 using a Nikon F3 with 50mm lens.

By design the black & white view is textured. I realize that black & white doesn’t appeal to everyone, yet I’ve worked in black & white for my entire life, and I often find my traditional film photos more interesting to look at than the digital images.

And that is why I do both.

Tracking the Light Posts Daily!

3 comments on “Millers Falls High Bridge—Two Views.

  1. Steve Drayzen on said:

    Great stuff Brian! Thanks for the daily reports, I enjoy reading them and hopefully “picking something up” photographically.

    I have 42 years combined service with the LIRR and NJ Transit Rail Ops and will never regret my decision to “ go railroading”.

    I look forward to more of your rail adventures!

  2. We parted before Thanksgiving. I’ve not heard an update in a while, and I’m not sure where it is, but eventually it is expected to enter service on the Conway Scenic. It will make a fine addition to their active collection.

  3. Where did you and the dome car part ways? Was it headed to CSRR and, if so, by what routing? Thanks.

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