Steam at Drogheda—Sunday, 16 September 2018; Five Digital Photos.

Working with two digital cameras, I made these images at Irish Rail’s Drogheda Station. This is a classic Great Northern Railway (Ireland) railway station with a curved platform, antique brick buildings and elegant old-school platform canopies.

But it also features more modern elements too, such as palisade fencing and a diesel railcar depot and wash.

Is it honest to exclude the modern elements and just focus on the antique? Or is it better to allow for mix of new and old? After all the photos were made digitally in 2018, not on film in the days of yore.

RPSI’s Cravens carriages are paused on the platform at Drogheda. How do you feel about the orange safety vests and modern signage?
Telephoto view looking toward Dublin from the footbridge.
There’s a vintage signal display at Drogheda station on the platform.
Detail of engine number 4. So how about the Nike footwear at the top of the image?
Drogheda signal cabin lacks the classic charm of its Victorian ancestors, but it is part of the modern scene, so there it is!

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One comment on “Steam at Drogheda—Sunday, 16 September 2018; Five Digital Photos.

  1. Anonymous on said:

    Nothing like palisade fencing to give that good old concentration camp ambience, Rosslare Harbour (Europort) being perhaps a top contender for sheer awfulness of station environment.

    Michael J. Walsh

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