Bus Meet on Digital Black & White.

Here’s something different. I had my FujiFilm X-T1 set up to record monochrome with a digitally applied red filter to alter the tonality.  Working with a Zeiss 12mm lens, I made this view at Arlington, Massachusetts of two MBTA buses passing on Massachusetts Avenue.

This digital black & white image is unaltered from the camera-produced JPG except for scaling for internet presentation.

How does this black & white compare with film?

It is a lot easier, but is it better?

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3 thoughts on “Bus Meet on Digital Black & White.”

  1. Why does that bus carry an eagle atop a fancy column on its roof? Of course, because it’s a bus, not a train. Probably being readied for some Amtrak bustitution. Sorry for missing the point of today’s post.

  2. Never mind the medium, what’s with the subjects? …..the ethics committee have taken note. Re-education to be considered.

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