Bus Meet on Digital Black & White.

Here’s something different. I had my FujiFilm X-T1 set up to record monochrome with a digitally applied red filter to alter the tonality.  Working with a Zeiss 12mm lens, I made this view at Arlington, Massachusetts of two MBTA buses passing on Massachusetts Avenue.

This digital black & white image is unaltered from the camera-produced JPG except for scaling for internet presentation.

How does this black & white compare with film?

It is a lot easier, but is it better?

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3 comments on “Bus Meet on Digital Black & White.

  1. Why does that bus carry an eagle atop a fancy column on its roof? Of course, because it’s a bus, not a train. Probably being readied for some Amtrak bustitution. Sorry for missing the point of today’s post.

  2. Mark Healy on said:

    Never mind the medium, what’s with the subjects? …..the ethics committee have taken note. Re-education to be considered.

  3. Anonymous on said:

    A friend loves’em but he’s color blind. Me, not so much.lol

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