Classic Chrome—Portrait view: High-Hood 30 Years Ago Today!

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At 1133am on July 22, 1988, I exposed this Kodachrome 25 slide east of Norwalk, Ohio.

This was part of a big adventure; my old pal TSH and I were spending two weeks on the road photographing trains.

We were driving my 1975 Dodge Dart, and had plenty of Kodachrome. (And I had some 120 T-Max 400 for the Rolleiflex too).

An early morning start on the old B&O west of Fostoria was pure excitement. Several hours later we visited the big yard at Bellevue, Ohio on the old Nickel Plate Road. When we saw this freight departing to the east we made chase.

Neither of us has a clue as to where we were going, our maps were inadequate, but we embraced the spirit of the chase and found this overhead bridge.

The freight was working the old Wheeling & Lake Erie route and the diesels labored hard in the summer heat. My notes indicate this was Hartland Hill.

Click! I made this Kodachrome slide with my Leica M2 with my dad’s 90mm Tele Elmarit; my exposure was f4.5 1/250.

The freight was at a crawl and we chased on, catching it several more times before we made a wrong turn and lost track of it near Wellington.

I can still feel the thrill of that blind chase 30 years ago today. TSH and I are still pals and we still make trips together.

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One comment on “Classic Chrome—Portrait view: High-Hood 30 Years Ago Today!

  1. And the photo still stands on it’s own all these years later. Well done. TSH

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