I recall as a kid watching television when all of a sudden the program would end and a test pattern would appear with the phrase ‘Please Stand by—We are Suffering Technical Difficulties.’

That’s where were are today with Tracking the Light.

For reasons beyond my understanding or control the pictures in my posts are not appearing. I’ve done nothing differently.

I’m open to suggestions if anyone knows how to correct this fault. The cause of the problem and its solution remain a mystery to me.

A related issue is that I can no longer reply to comments.

Thank you for your patience!


Tracking the Light hopes to post daily!


6 comments on “TEST PATTERN

  1. Mike Gralinski on said:

    Thanks so much for sharing all of your photos at the presentation in Springfield last week. The locations and variety of equipment was fantastic. It was a great night and nice to meet you in person! Thanks for taking the time.

  2. Mike Gralinski on said:

    Thanks so much for taking the time to show us all your photos at the Springfield library last week. I found it quite enjoyable and loved seeing the variety of equipment and locations. Great job!

  3. Yesterday was a problem as well.

  4. Tom Rochford on said:

    Brian…you have entered the …Twilight Zone!

  5. Phil on said:

    Blame it on Amazon over crowding the internet?! LOL Blame everything on Amazon!

  6. yesterday was issue also…