Tracking the Light EXTRA: CTRail Free Train Ride Today!

Today, June 16, 2018, the long awaited CTRail service began public operation on the Springfield-Hartford-New Haven Line.

Free rides were on offer on both the new CTRail trains and some Amtrak services.

CTRail staff at Berlin supplied complimentary tickets!

My father and I traveled on the first northward train (CTRail 6400) between the new station at Berlin, Connecticut and Springfield. The train was very well attended!

More free train rides are available on the route tomorrow (Sunday June 17, 2018).

CTRail’s first public forward run, train 6400, makes its stop at Berlin, Connecticut. Exposed using a FujiFilm XT1 with 12mm Zeiss Touit.
The view near Windsor Locks, Connecticut.

I made many photographs over the course of the day and I’ve yet to look at all of them. Stay tuned for more tomorrow!


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2 comments on “Tracking the Light EXTRA: CTRail Free Train Ride Today!

  1. The cars were clean, and comfortable for commuter cars, but the ride was a bit bouncy. However, overall I felt the ride quality was better than on the Amtrak shuttle set that we returned upon, although the Amtrak Amfleet are much nicer and more comfortable cars, with reclining seats, tray tables etc. And, yes, that’s Pop.

  2. Robert on said:

    Is that your Dad in the window?

    Also, after all the brouhaha in the press about the cost of fixing up the old MBTA cars, how were they?

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