Pan Am Railway’s EDBF: Stone Arches and DASH8s.

Using my FujiFilm X-T1 with 18-135mm zoom lens, I exposed this view of Pan Am Railway’s symbol freight EDBF (East Deerfield to Bellows Falls) working the Connecticut River line at Bernardston, Massachusetts.

The early evening sun in May reaches the northside of the old stone viaduct at Bernardston.

I like the technological and geometrical contrasts of boxy General Electric diesels on the 19thcentury stone arch viaduct.

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4 comments on “Pan Am Railway’s EDBF: Stone Arches and DASH8s.

  1. Years, nope decades ago, I used to go over this bridge every day. I never gave any thought to what it looked like from “outside”.

  2. Dennis on said:

    Brian, Today we had a Binghamton bound freight holding in Narrowsburg on the Erie Line. It is first time in years that I have seen a (NB) freight.

    Last Friday night in Port Jervis, we were on our way to Shop Rite about 9PM. A (NB) freight crossed above us. It had 5 Susquehanna locos in front. I could not stop because of heavy auto traffic.

  3. Thank you! I’ve been aiming to try something from this side of the bridge for a few years and everything just came together at the last moment. BS

  4. The light and angle beautifully accentuate the texture and scale differences between old and new. The narrowness of the bridge is a factor, also.

    I’ve tried to capture situations where engines are out-of-scale relative to their environment, but never as successfully as you did with this photo!

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