Dynamic Photo: German Electric on the Shore Line.

Amtrak Siemens-built ACS-64 ‘Cities Sprinters’ are the standard electric locomotives for Regional and Long Distance services operating on the Northeast Corridor.

I made this view of Amtrak 160 blasting through the station at Old Saybrook, Connecticut.

For my raw and unmodified composition I gave the camera a slight tilt that makes for a more dynamic image of the fast electric in action.

My original composition features a slight angle intended to better convey speed and motion.

Purists might flinch at my altering of the level, so I’ve ‘corrected’ the photo in post processing and offer the more ‘normal’ view as well.

Here’s the revised image, ‘corrected’ in post processing.

Who said you can have your cake and eat too?

Which version do you prefer?

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5 thoughts on “Dynamic Photo: German Electric on the Shore Line.”

  1. Tilt. I like the added drama.

    (This line needs tilting trains for higher speed around all the curves. Too bad the Acela built-in tilting couldn’t be used since the trains were too wide and the tracks too close. And too bad the NIMBYs in eastern CT didn’t allow even a minor rerouting along Interstate 95 to eliminate some of the curves.)

  2. I like the leveled view better. I think that is because in the original, the station bridge seems to be leaning–and that is something of a distraction.

    But I think your idea works. Maybe a downward tilt in the direction the train is moving does help give an idea of speed. I’m going to experiment with that trick in settings where the background doesn’t have rectilinear features.

  3. Brian I prefer the “revised” image. Not sure why, but I notice the face of the locomotive is somewhat clearer than the original image. Its easier to read the number boards in the “revised” image and I think the paint is somewhat “truer” to hue.

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