Wisconsin & Southern at Reedsburg, Wisconsin.

In July 2016, John Gruber and I photographed Wisconsin & Southern’s Reedsburg job on its run from Madison to Reedsburg.

Although, I made many digital photographs that day, I also exposed a few photos on Ilford Pan F using a vintage Leica IIIA fitted with a Nikkor f3.5 35mm lens.

Notice how the tonality and texture of the image draws your eye in a variety of directions. The effects of  tire tracks in the gravel and the pole shadows are enhanced through use of a monochromatic image making medium.

Reedsburg, Wisconsin in July 2016.


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2 comments on “Wisconsin & Southern at Reedsburg, Wisconsin.

  1. Michael Walsh on said:

    A bit like some of the Beebe and Clegg short line images, where the ambience is as important, or even more so, than the train.

  2. I like that photo a lot. For lighting and the subject scene, monochrome was a good choice.

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