Santa Fe in the Tehachapis: On This Day 25 Years Ago.

This was one of dozens of Kodachrome slides I exposed in California’s Tehachapi mountains on April 3, 1993—25 Years ago today.

Fellow photographer Brian Jennison and I were on an epic excursion making images of Southern Pacific and Santa Fe trains.

For this view I’m standing on a hillside near Tunnel 2 looking toward Bealville of a westward Santa Fe intermodal train. It was a beautiful Spring morning and the purple lupin flowers were in bloom.

Exposed on Kodachrome 25 with a Nikon F3T fitted with a 35mm perspective control lens (with adjustable front element).

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3 thoughts on “Santa Fe in the Tehachapis: On This Day 25 Years Ago.”

  1. Great photo. The second unit appears to be a cowl unit. The SF had their own and they also acquired some of the ill-fated Amtrak SDP40Fs.

  2. Beautiful photo, landscape is very green, indicating spring, it’s gets very parched in high summer I’d say.

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