NI Railways Celebrates 50 Years Today!—1 April 2018

NI Railways marks 50 today!

The other day, I made a few views of the celebration stickers and posters.

Lumix LX7 photo.

To help celebrate, I’m also posting a view I made of an old 80-class railcar at Whitehead back on 19 April 2000.

19 April 2000 at Whitehead. Fujichrome photo exposed with a Nikon.

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    1. The Ulster Transport Authority was the predecessor, though its acquisition of the previous railway operations was not an all-at-once thing. The UTA took over the BCDR in 1948 (along with the Northern Ireland Road Transport Board); the NCC lines were taken over from British Railways (which had in turn taken over the LMS, the NCC’s owner) in 1949.

      The Great Northern Railway (Ireland) was jointly nationalised in 1953 by the two governments, who ran it through the Great Northern Railway Board. This was then dissolved in 1958 and the assets split between CIE and the UTA.

    1. Sorry Brian,
      that comment by “Anonymous” was me. My fingers were too fast for my brain, Happy Easter.

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