Dublin by Night: 1000 shades of Dark.

I’d use ‘gray’ in place of ‘dark’, but apparently the phraseology has assumed new meanings.

I could just say ‘Dublin in Black & White’, but that isn’t really correct either.

Working with my Nikon F3 loaded with Foma Classic 100 black & white film, I made these photos during March 2018 wintery weather in Dublin.

To keep my camera steady for long exposures, I used various tripods, depending on the surface and circumstance.

Irish Rail’s Loop Line bridge over the River Liffey.

My exposures varied, but most were between 1 and 8 seconds. I calculated exposure manually using a Minolta IV Flash meter (in reflective mode).

I processed the Fomapan 100 film in Ilford ID-11 stock mixed 1-1 with water at 68F for 7 minutes 15 seconds, plus pre-soak with a token amount of Kodak HC110, then scanned negatives using an Epson V500 flatbed scanner.

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2 comments on “Dublin by Night: 1000 shades of Dark.

  1. Hello Mark,
    Great to hear from you. Yes, that was me, although I lived in Monson (south of Palmer). Back in the 1980s, I recall your father working Conrail’s Palmer local (WAWS-2) among other trains. I’ll send you an email from my personal account in a little while as I’m on the train presently in Belfast, NI.
    Talk soon,

  2. Mark Foreman on said:

    Hello Brian, Just wondering if you are the same Brian Solomon from Palmer Mass? My father used to be a Engineer for Conrail in Palmer area and new a young guy by your name that loved taking photos of trains.

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