20 Years In Ireland: Irish Rail class 201 Retrospective—Introduction

I’ve been exploring and photographing Irish railways since 1998. To mark my twenty years photography, I thought it would be a neat exercise to display images of each of the 201-class General Motors diesels in numerical order.

Irish Rail and NIR together have 34 class 201 diesels. This series of posts will feature the locomotives in numerical order, while imaging them in various ways. Here were have two of the liveries applied to the 201s by Irish Rail.

I realise this is a specialised exercise (Americans may substitute ‘ize’ of ‘ise’ as required), but I though it would fun.

Originally I was going to do this in 2014, which marked the 20th anniversary of the 201-class locomotive in Ireland, but I was foiled by my inability to locate suitable images of locomotive 202! (I went over the derail before leaving the yard, as it were.)

So after some serious closet scouring and sifting though other arrays of old photos resulted my locating of various images of the every elusive Irish Rail 202 (presently stored out of service at Inchicore in Dublin).

Now over the coming weeks, I’ll be making EXTRA posts with images of the 201 in order.


Tracking the Light EXTRA Post.

One comment on “20 Years In Ireland: Irish Rail class 201 Retrospective—Introduction

  1. george benson on said:

    I like the one on the right side better myself (the yellow, green and silver livery)

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