Seven Views From The Train—13 February 2018.

Nothing fancy here. Just some views I made from NI Railways trains using my Lumix LX7.

Sometimes you get great scenes in the rolling panorama from a moving train. I’m not proud, when I see a nice view I make a photo.

For some of these I’ve uses a comparatively slow shutter speed. For others I try to freeze the motion. In general, I try to avoid or minimize reflections in the windows by paying careful attention to my angles.

It helps to have a relatively clean window.

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5 thoughts on “Seven Views From The Train—13 February 2018.”

  1. Nice views – which route were they on ?
    Is that a Semaphore in Portrush ? Didn’t think there were any left now on NIR.

    1. Yes, well-spotted! The semaphore is at Portrush. These photos were made last week traveling on NI Railways lines from Belfast to Derry/Londonderry and Coleraine to Portrush. Brian Solomon

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