Seven Views From The Train—13 February 2018.

Nothing fancy here. Just some views I made from NI Railways trains using my Lumix LX7.

Sometimes you get great scenes in the rolling panorama from a moving train. I’m not proud, when I see a nice view I make a photo.

For some of these I’ve uses a comparatively slow shutter speed. For others I try to freeze the motion. In general, I try to avoid or minimize reflections in the windows by paying careful attention to my angles.

It helps to have a relatively clean window.

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5 comments on “Seven Views From The Train—13 February 2018.

  1. Thank you for this lovely valentine, brian solomon! And congratulations on your beautiful book.

  2. Mechanically operated. In other words, Yes. Hand operated.
    Although ‘switched out’ in this view.

  3. Christopher Playford on said:

    Hand thrown semaphore??

  4. Yes, well-spotted! The semaphore is at Portrush. These photos were made last week traveling on NI Railways lines from Belfast to Derry/Londonderry and Coleraine to Portrush. Brian Solomon

  5. John O'Connor on said:

    Nice views – which route were they on ?
    Is that a Semaphore in Portrush ? Didn’t think there were any left now on NIR.

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