Belfast Great Victoria Street in four Views

Plans are afoot to redevelop Belfast’s railway hubs. With this in mind, the other day I made a few views around Great Victoria Street Station to document the way it looks now, before the changes.

Documentation is a large part of my photography, and it always helps to anticipate change.

NI Railways CAF-built trains at Belfast Great Victoria Street.
Among Belfast’s infamous icons is the Europa Hotel seen here above NI Railway’s CAF railcars at Great Victoria Street.
It was a rainy morning when I exposed this view with my Lumix LX7.
0710 (710am) train to Derry on platform 2 at Great Victoria Street. Lumix LX7 photo.

I look back with satisfaction at photographs I made in the 1980s at Boston’s South Station that show the terminal before it evolved into the modern transportation center that it is today.

Yet, I also regret not making better images of the classic semaphores at South Station that controlled train movements at the terminal.

Tracking the Light Looks Back to Look Forward.


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  1. Anonymous on said:

    The commonplace of today will become the historic of tomorrow.

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