Winter at Bridge Street, Monson.

Over the years I’ve made many photos of southward trains ascending State Line Hill from Bridge Street in Monson, Massachusetts.

This one was exposed in January 2018, shortly before I left for Dublin.

Lightly falling snow and a red GP40-2L made for a Christmas card scene. This is New England Central job 608 on its return run on the old Central Vermont Railway line to Willimantic, Connecticut.

Compare this winter view with those made in Spring 2017, See: Bridge Street Monson—Two Takes, Four Views.

Exposed digitally using a Lumix LX7.

Tracking the Light Posts Daily

2 comments on “Winter at Bridge Street, Monson.

  1. Yes: Amtrak’s ACS-64 electrics use a modern LED headlight which has a bluish white color. The New England Central’s locomotives use a common type of incandescent bulb.

  2. A real keeper!

    I noticed that the headlights yesterday were white, while today are yellowish. Is this a photographic artifact or reflect the difference in the light source (LED vs. incandescent, maybe)?

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