March 2018 Trains Magazine Features My Photo of Amtrak 611.

I was pleased to learn the my wintery photo of Amtrak ACS-64 611 was selected for the cover of the March 2018 issue of Trains Magazine.

Using my Canon EOS 7D and a telephoto lens, I exposed this view on a visit to Branford, Connecticut with Patrick Yough just over three years ago.

On January 10, 2015, Amtrak ACS-64 No. 611 leads train 161 westward at Branford, Connecticut.

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5 comments on “March 2018 Trains Magazine Features My Photo of Amtrak 611.

  1. Manikandan Venkataramanan on said:

    Good Show! Glad to hear it. I can’t wait to lay hands on the physical copy

    The photo symbolizes poise and power and is reminiscent of an old B & M passenger leaving Branford

  2. Dan Smith on said:

    Well done!

  3. Super excellent photo, particularly the lights and the overall lighting! Also, someone at Trains deserves kudos for a great job on the cover layout, particularly in how they utilized the curve, and how they balanced the tracks with the catenary fully to the top and bottom edges of the cover.

  4. Dennis Hage on said:

    Congrats keep your Good Photo work going.