Dublin LUAS Cross City First Service Views—26 January 2018.

Over the last few years I’ve posted a variety of photos showing Dublin’s LUAS Cross City tram line under construction and trial/training runs.

In December 2017, this new LUAS service commenced from St. Stephens Green (at the north end of the original Green Line service) to Broombridge on Dublin’s Northside. But, at that time, I was elsewhere.

So last Friday (26 January 2018), Mark Healy and I went for a spin out to Broombridge and back. I made digital photos with my Lumix LX7 and colour slides with my Nikon N90S.

These are a few of my digital views.

Northward tram at O’Connell and Parnell Streets.
Broombridge terminus.
Broombridge terminus. Note the new footbridge construction over Irish Rail’s Sligo line. Broombridge is intended as an intermodal interface between Irish Rail and LUAS.
View from the tram at Broombridge.
Map of the new service on board tram 5020.
In bound tram at Grangegorman.
Out of service 4000-series tram at Grangegorman.
Dawson Street on Dublin’s Southside.
Dawson Street on Dublin’s Southside.

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3 comments on “Dublin LUAS Cross City First Service Views—26 January 2018.

  1. LUAS is 4 ft 8.5 inches. Irish Rail/NIR tracks are 5 ft 3 inches.
    I haven’t seen Railway Age in a long time, but I’ll try to pick up a copy.

  2. Dennis Hage on said:

    My simple question: Is LUAS standard of Broad Gauge as Irish Rails.?????
    Item 2. Nothing to do with LUAS, but do you get Raiway Age ?? Anyway in the latest Issue The Railroader of the Year is Jack Hellmann of G & W (14 Pages long article) with pics, only one of the Australian unit. I know you are likely a FAN of G & W.


  3. Michael Walsh on said:

    No scenes yet from “Nightmare on College Green”, not by Stanley Kubrick.

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