NI Railways—Lisburn Station Details in Color.

Last week, using my Lumix LX7 I exposed these detailed views of the old Great Northern Railways (of Ireland) station at Lisburn, County Down.

I also made a few photos with a Nikon F3 with 24mm lens on Kodak Tri-X. I’ll need to process those and scan them before I can present those here.

Sunset over the station’s chimneys. Lumix LX7 photo.
Schedule alteration notice. Don’t be waiting for that last train!
Evidence of the old order.
Belfast-bound CAF railcar departing Lisburn.

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2 comments on “NI Railways—Lisburn Station Details in Color.

  1. Are the four digit numbers Train designations or times ? 0015 is a location or time ?

    • This what Americans might call ‘military time’ or ‘a 24 hour clock’.
      To avoid confusion with Am and Pm, the railways use a 24 hour clock beginning at midnight.
      So 0015 is what Americans might call 12:15am.
      Does that help?


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