In my puzzle from last week see:

This is the un-edited JPG.

I asked viewers three questions, below are the questions and my ‘correct’ answers:


  1. There’s no train, but can you spot  three distinct rail elements featured in this image.

ANSWERS: The three elements are: 1) the streetcar infrastructure: tracks and wires. 2) SEPTA’s former Pennsylvania Railroad Chestnut Hill Railroad Station (behind the bus). 3) The advertisement on the bus that reads ‘Respect the Train.’

  1. Do you see what’sWRONG with this photo?

The silver Nissan automobile  in the foreground has been double exposed.

  1. How did I do it?

I was using the Lumix LX7’s HDR (high dynamic range) mode that combines several images in-camera, which exposed differently. Although these exposures are made in rapid succession, the moving car confused the camera’s combination software and resulted in a double exposure.

Thanks to all the viewers who submitted guesses! And congratulations to everyone that guessed correctly!

Sorry if the streetcar wires and tracks are counted as one answer. 🙂

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2 comments on “Mysteries Revealed: BRIAN’S IMPOSSIBLE THREE-WAY PUZZLE PHOTO.

  1. Anonymous on said:

    “Respect the Train” seems a very anodyne message. If the intention is to alert road users to the hazards of grade crossings, I’d prefer the directness of the West Australia railway authority in Perth: “Your relatives won’t have to scatter your remains; the train will do it for you”!”

    They even had this poster at the station serving Perth’s main cemetery, but there, it had been torn down.

  2. Tom Sharratt on said:

    HI Brian,

    I got two of the three – not being familiar with the Philadelphia area, i missed the station. I saw it but thought it may be part of the streetcar/bus system.

    The automobile? As soon as I read your explanation, it jumped out to me . . . very obvious, but I had tunnel vision, concentrating on what I wanted to see.