Four Angles on the Same Freight—L427.

Mike Gardner and I stopped in at Hinsdale, Massachusetts and found CSX L427 (Portland, Maine via Pan Am to Selkirk< New York) stopped on the old Boston & Albany mainline waiting for a crew change.

This had a cool all-EMD locomotive consist; SD60M, SD40-2, SD60M. On a line that tends to be dominated by GE diesels, this symmetrical EMD arrangement is unusual.

We took the time to make photos from a variety of angles.

From the gazebo in Hinsdale, Massachusetts.
It brightened up briefly for this classic three quarter angle.
I actually exposed more than a dozen photos, but I like these the best.

Why settle for one view when you can have many?

4 comments on “Four Angles on the Same Freight—L427.

  1. Lincoln Reed on said:

    I really like the gazebo shot . It is a wonderfully framed photo ! Reminds me of the O . Winston Link steam portraits on the N&W in the 50s . Great catch !

  2. I love working with a subject that’s sitting still, unfortunately it’s a rare occurrence along the busy BNSF triple track out of Chicago.

  3. Michael Walsh on said:

    But you can take far too many pictures when unconstrained from the discipline of having to pay for film and processing!

    Why stop at 4 when you could have 4444!

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