An Unusual Scene: MBTA at South Station, Boston December 2017.

I made this night photo at South Station with my Lumix LX7.

Recently I was looking through a MENSA puzzle book that contains nearly impossible puzzles. It inspired me to post this image.

This is an unusual scene for Boston. Keen observers of MBTA operations should be able to spot what makes this an uncommon view. What’s at my back is an important clue.

Do you know what makes this an uncommon photo?

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6 comments on “An Unusual Scene: MBTA at South Station, Boston December 2017.

  1. Tom Warger on said:

    If the answer is that the locomotive is on the in-bound side of the train, this really isn’t that rare. I’ve seen that from time to time at South Station.

    My hunch is that this sometimes happens when they are using a reserve train set that for whatever reason wasn’t aligned in the normal way. If an inbound train is seriously delayed, they pull a reserved set in to take over the outbound run the late train would have made.

  2. Engine is typically on the other end… your back is to South Station.

  3. Right, so why IS the locomotive on the inbound side?

  4. Tom Travers on said:

    Locomotive pushing departing train rather than leading .

  5. Walter Zullig on said:

    It looks as though the train had come into So Station engine first rather than being led by a cab car.

  6. Gotta be the locomotive end of the train is inside the station loading area at the end rather than at the forward (west bound) end ?

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