Big Orange & Black Diesel; When Color Works.

Since Genesee & Wyoming took over Rail America, gradually the fleets of diesels operated by the component railways have been repainted into G&W’s corporate livery of orange and black with yellow highlights.

This traditional paint scheme had been used by the original G&W short line railroad for decades.


Here I’ve put the brightly colored diesels in scene that makes the most of the scheme.

New England Central 611 is southbound at Northfield, Massachusetts with locomotive 3475 in the lead. A cloud has briefly diffused the morning sun.

To make the most of the lighting and the scene, I made this telephoto view looking down a road, visually placing the orange and black locomotive in front of a yellow house.

The dominance of orange and yellow for the primary subjects works well in the late autumnal scene, as these colors mimic the muted foliage and grasses associated with the season.

FujiFilm XT1 photo.

Tracking the Light Posts Daily.

2 comments on “Big Orange & Black Diesel; When Color Works.

  1. You didn’t relate your settings for this shot but just as a comparison, maybe you could go back to this location and take the same or similar shot in about a month or so. Then, if you would, relate the differences in settings, contrast tweaks, etc.?
    There will likely (maybe) be at least some snow on the ground that far North. The contrast between the black road, the orange and black engines and the yellow house present will some contrast problems, especially if it’s a sunny day verses a day when there’s a few clouds like this shot. I would find it interesting and maybe others would too.
    I must figure out how to use my digital camera… fully! I think you’ve indicated how to do starbursts in this blog a month or so ago.

  2. Good shot !!! Do like those G & W SD40 types !!

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