Rome: Nice Light and Colorful Trains.

A couple of weeks ago I made these views of some colorful Trenitalia trains at Roma Termini.

Bright Mediterranean light is pleasant to work with. In this situation I’ve taken the classic approach with the sun over my left shoulder. It was nice to have some interesting, yet static subjects to work with.

I made several digital views with my Lumix LX7, but also exposed some 35mm color slides on Fujichrome Provia.

Lumix LX7 photograph.
Lumix LX7 photograph.

These are the digital images. We’ll need to wait to see how the slides turned out.

Notice my placement of the shadows in the scene.


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2 comments on “Rome: Nice Light and Colorful Trains.

  1. I would argue that I’m placing the shadow in respect to the composition; not moving it on the ground, but in its relationship to the other compositional elements.

  2. Michael Walsh on said:

    As the risk of being pedantic, can you really “place a shadow”. You can of course position yourself with respect to the shadows, but unless equipped with suitably destructive gadgetry, the sources of the shadows are usually themselves immutable.

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