Great Southern & Western Station at Portlaoise.

I could have titled this ‘Dusk in the Rain’.

As it happens I was at Irish Rail’s Portlaoise Station on my way up to Dublin and I needed a few potential illustrations of the 1840s buildings for my book on European railway travel. I thought, ‘what better time than now to make some up to the minute photos?’

Working with my Lumix LX7 I made these views that I feel capture the atmosphere of the station.

Looking down road toward Cork.
An Irish Rail Portlaoise commuter train arrives during light rain.

Any favorites?


Tracking the Light Posts Daily.

5 comments on “Great Southern & Western Station at Portlaoise.

  1. Tom Warger on said:

    I like the first one. The stretched perspective says “distance”–which is what a train is all about, and why we go to the station.

    Portlaoise is what a train station should look like, to boot.

  2. Without a doubt I also think the one of the train arriving is the most outstanding.

  3. Manikandan Venkataramanan on said:


    You have “Tracked the light” here!

    The middle one is my favorite. It has a nice double contrast.
    1. The darkness thrown by the bridge’s shadows and the dusky light before it with the approaching train, its headlights and the station light posts
    2. The twilight of the station environs and the brightness of the interior of the station where the lone passenger is standing!

    The station itself has an old world charm, extremely Victorian!

  4. Michael Walsh on said:

    The second one – the train arriving with the light in the arches in the station building. Soft on detail – great on atmosphere.

  5. I prefer the center shoot.
    This shot that looks to be illuminated only by the lights of the station, shows a closer view of the approaching train, of course, the great (what looks like) ornamental iron arched what looks to be a walkway between the two platforms and the really old buildings.
    Nicely done.

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