In the Rain at the Famous Biaschina Loops—Swiss Outtakes Part 2

Here’s another view that won’t appear in my book on European Railway travel. (Are you missing the mist? Facebook viewers will need to click on the post to get the whole picture).

I’m just days away from submitting my final chapters.

Believe it or not, I substituted a film photo from this same location for consideration in the book instead of this digital photo.


I felt the film image captured the scene more effectively.

This is a digital photo at the three-level Biaschina Loops; for the book I went with a film photo of an SBB Re4-4 at the same spot.

I like the way the mist and rain add depth to this famous location at the Biaschina Loops on the south slope of Switzerland’s Gottard Pass.

Tracking the Light Posts Daily.

4 comments on “In the Rain at the Famous Biaschina Loops—Swiss Outtakes Part 2

  1. Thanks Robert!

  2. Robert Willoughby Jones on said:

    Damn that’s a cool photo!

    Amazing mood you captured, and wonderfully dynamic lines and shapes!

  3. Ah, but the photo I’ve selected is actually mistier than the one I rejected!

  4. Michael Walsh on said:

    I think the readers will be getting an incomplete feel for the Gottard in the absence of some misty shots. Switzerland and Austria are pretty wet countries a lot of the time.

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