Bartonsville Covered Bridge—Seven Origninal Photographs.

In 2011 a late summer storm swept away the old Bartonsville Covered bridge.

A year or so later a replacement bridge built to the same pattern as the old one was completed.

I made these views on my trip to Vermont on June 7, 2017.

The black & white photographs were exposed using a Leica IIIa with 35mm Nikkor lens, both in the morning on the east end, and in the afternoon on the west. The color views are products of my FujiFilm X-T1 digital camera.

Compare this image made on Kodak Tri-X (rated by me at ISO 320, Kodak sells it a ISO 400) with the other black & white photos exposed with the same camera but on Fomapan 100.
Leica IIIa photo on Fomapan 100.
Bartonsville Covered Bridge.
Bartonsville Covered Bridge.
Vermont Rail System 263 approaches the Bartonsville Covered Bridge. Fomapan 100. Image adjusted in Lightroom to improve contrast.
Image made digitally using a FujiFilm X-T1.
Image made digitally using a FujiFilm X-T1.

I like the ability to make photos of a traditional appearing subject using traditional cameras and film. This requires skill and technique. However, it’s also nice to be able to work with more than one camera and in various media at the same time.

Any favorites?

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5 comments on “Bartonsville Covered Bridge—Seven Origninal Photographs.

  1. Tom Warger on said:

    I like the picture showing the timbers inside the bridge.

    I, too, generally prefer color photos. But I think b/w gives the photographer a different way to see and reveal things–like the timbers internal structure of this bridge.

  2. Dave Clinton on said:

    The color pictures are much better, IMHO. I don’t get the “thing” with B&W pics anymore! You should have included this link for that awful day in 2011:

  3. Michael Walsh on said:

    Second last for me – I actually prefer it without the train – concentrates the interest on one focus point only.

  4. I have a photo from 2012 of an ethanol train passing the uninspired interim ‘un-covered bridge.’

  5. John O'Connor on said:

    Prefer the final photo – lovely offset against the blue sky.
    Black and white internals of the bridge are excellent too.

    As always I look up your photos on Google Maps.
    Street view needs to be updated – its showing the interim un-covered bridge.

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