July 2017 Trains Magazine features Brian Solomon’s column on pages 16-17.

In July 2017 TRAINS, I look back at the effects and consequences of the Beeching Era on British Railways. Take a look on pages 16-17!

I’ve illustrated this discussion with a photo I made on the preserved Great Central Railway in 2004. This was part of a sequence exposed on Fujichrome Sensia II (ISO100) color slide film (Tracking the Light tie-in).

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One thought on “July 2017 Trains Magazine features Brian Solomon’s column on pages 16-17.”

  1. Interesting article Brian.

    I am not a fan of Beeching, he closed several branch lines that could have served as feeder traffic for the main lines meaning less reliance on road transport. The secondary main lines could have served as routes for the growth of freight transport by rail in the future. Did he also close the famous joint railway? (the Midland and Great Northern?) as well as routes to the coast?

    He only wanted a skeletal network comprising the main Trunk lines. It is more than coincidence that on the other side of the pond there was a tremendous bloodbath going on which ultimately resulted in the same thing. Atleast in GB, public outrage resulted in his plans not being carried fully, extensive though his damage was.
    Julian Holland who is a Railway photographer covers this traumatic period in Britain’s railway history

    – This is from a rail-fan who’s in a very different part of the world from these two countries

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