Lumix Underground; MBTA Park Street—Boston, Massachusetts.

Earlier in the month, I changed from the Red Line to the Green Line at Park Street, reminding me of visits to Boston decades earlier.

I don’t ride the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) subway often anymore so it’s something of a novelty when I visit.

These photos were exposed using my Lumix LX7 with the white balance set to ‘auto’ (key to help balancing the variety of artificial light in the station).

Lumix set at 80 ISO.
Green Line streetcars use the upper level at Park Street.

There are not many subways where you are allowed to cross the tracks at grade.
Waiting for a southbound Red Line train.

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One comment on “Lumix Underground; MBTA Park Street—Boston, Massachusetts.

  1. Norbert Shacklette on said:

    Mr. Solomon,

    On June 10 & 11 at the Illinois Railway Museum, will be RPO days. The RPO car is tentatively scheduled to be pulled by Frisco Steam Engng #1630. Because of the advancing age of all clerks this will probably be the last chance for RPO Days to be held.
    This year marks40 years since the last RPO ran

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