Bright Morning in Zürich!

It was a clear blue dome and working with my Lumix LX7, I made these photos of trams working the streets of Zürich, Switzerland.

Zürich continues to paint its trams in its classic sky-blue and creamy white livery. This photographs well when the sun is out, but can be challenging on dull days.

The Lumix LX7 when used with the add-on external viewfinder is an excellent tool for urban street photography. I like the LX7 because it allows me to make both Jpg and RAW digital files simultaneously. The RAWs were especially useful here as I could more easily adjust contrast in post processing.

Lumix LX7 photo. RAW file adjusted to improve contrast and shadow detail, then scaled as a Jpg in Lightroom for internet presentation.
Camera Jpg scaled for internet.

Tracking the Light posts every day!


2 comments on “Bright Morning in Zürich!

  1. Thanks Tom for the background on Zurich’s tram control. I’ve been twice and found the network very impressive, as are all the Swiss Railways and transport.

  2. Tom Warger on said:

    The high-tech traffic control system in Zurich is interesting. Sensors keep track of where all the trams are and adjust the timing on traffic lights to keep them moving and on time. Like so many complex things in Switzerland, it starts with a clear and simple principle: trams have priority, then buses, pedestrians, and cars and trucks in that order.

    I remember waiting for trams at the big hub next to the central train station. If the schedule said the tram would get there at 6.11, that was when it pulled up–not 6.10 or 6.12.

    As always, I love the LX7 photos.

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