Italian High Speed Train at Firenze; or, how to use your phone to find a location.

Probably the best thing about the smart phone that I was coerced into acquiring is the interactive map.

When in Italy, I found this map useful in finding locations.

A modern Italian high speed train glides through Firenze-Statuto, a suburban station on the north side of the city. Lumix LX7 photo

With a touch of the screen, my position was immediately located. Railway stations are highlighted in blue, and I found it easy enough to calculate both distance and estimated walking time.

Using this technique, I navigated my way through the touristy bits of Firenze (Florence) and found the station at Firenze-Statuto, which was a busy place to watch and photograph trains. I’ll call that a successful use of the new technology.

Tracking the Light is post automatically while Brian is traveling.


2 comments on “Italian High Speed Train at Firenze; or, how to use your phone to find a location.

  1. Michael Walsh on said:

    A useful lesson for all us elderly Luddites.

  2. Tom Warger on said:

    Brian, You might find the phone’s Maps feature useful for quickly snapping geocoordinates (longitude/latitude numbers) for pin-pointing locations for future reference. The Maps feature is good for use in a moving train, too.

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