Irish Rail—Two Silhouettes.

A couple of weeks ago I made these Irish Rail silhouettes on Stores Street near Bus Aras.

The black & white photo was exposed on Ilford HP5 with my Nikon F3T fitted with a f1.4 50mm lens, processed in ID11, and scanned with an Epson V500.

By contrast, the colour image was exposed digitally using my Lumix LX-7 with Leica Vario-Summilux lens.

Do you have a preference?

Personally I like the bird in this one, although my placement of the train is less than ideal because it blocks the nearer lamp.
This view is closer to what I’d originally envisioned and features both lamps in silhouette.

3 thoughts on “Irish Rail—Two Silhouettes.”

  1. Black and white – contains more low key detail, and the timely seagull adds to the sky by being perfectly positioned.

  2. I also prefer the black and white. The added detail in the shadow enhances it. It’s really not a good “either/or,” however, since more
    of the train appears in the B&W version. Also, the top of the light pole is cropped in the B&W version. Thanks for sharing: either version is a nice way to start the day!

  3. Brian being very neared-sighted I usually prefer color over black and white but in this instance there is more “definition” in the black and white photo, which I prefer.

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