Clean Orange Locomotive—an Easy Catch.

In early February, I was running a few last minute errands before my Trans-Atlantic journey.

Crossing the Boston & Albany on South Main Street in Palmer, Massachusetts, I saw a New England Central local approaching with an impressive cut of interchange.

In the lead was clean New England Central GP38-2 2048 in Genesee & Wyoming corporate paint. Although I’ve made countless hundreds of photographs from this location over the years, I won’t look a gift-horse in the mouth.

So for the sake of a couple of minutes detour, I made these images at CP83 using my Lumix LX7.

New England Central 2048 at Palmer, Massachusetts in February 2017. Filtered winter sun makes for nice light to photograph locomotives.
The train was moving slowly, which allowed me time to make several images as it passed. This angle features GP38-2 2048 from a closer, more broadside angle, while retaining a good view of the old gas building, which is a prominent Palmer-area icon.  Lumix LX7 photo.

Tracking the Light posts every day.

One comment on “Clean Orange Locomotive—an Easy Catch.

  1. Good Shot!! The former UP locomotive also looks pretty clean. A LOT cleaner than its brother and sister units that are still in the Uncle Pete’s fleet. Looks the P&W have been collecting those empties for a while unless business has really picked up in the the area. I assume they’re empties with only 2 units and what looks like at least 40-50 cars.
    This photo brings back a lot of memories as I used to be in this area a lot having been a resident of the Springfield area until I moved West. Many trips to the “Triple Creek” (Three Rivers) area and up towards Beaver Lake and Ware. During my yearly pilgrimage I was just down the street East of this location off of Route 20 just past the B&A/NY Central/Penn Central/Conrail/CSX RR (did I miss any?) over pass to attend a car show.

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