Shore Line East at Clinton, Connecticut.

Last summer, fellow photographer Pat Yough and I made a project of exploring the old New Haven Shoreline route between New Haven and Old Saybrook, Connecticut.

We decided that some of the locations we investigated on summer evenings, would have better lighting on a winter afternoon.

So on January 29, 2017, we re-visited the Shore Line East station at Clinton, Connecticut and photographed a processions of trains.

Here’s a view of Shore Line East train number 3645 working west with a locomotive painted for the old New Haven Railroad.

This colorful engine was a bonus since many Shore Line East trains run with old Amtrak Genesis P40 diesels in faded Amtrak colors.

Exposed with a Fujifilm X-T1 digital camera.

2 comments on “Shore Line East at Clinton, Connecticut.

  1. Robert Willoughby Jones on said:

    Every time I see the McGinnis-era NH and B&M logos, I am reminded of what a genius Herbert Matter was. I still hear lore that Lucile McGinnis did the designs, which she didn’t (though she did choose orange instead of yellow for NH), but we must give her credit for being friends with Florence Knoll (Knoll Associates, design firm) who employed Mr. Matter. And your photo is gorgeous!

    • Thank you, Robert, for the background story.

      BTW, I have long enjoyed your books. I grew up along the NH and rode it from Bridgeport to Milford (and back) every day.

      How about a NH RR book?

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