Central Vermont RS-11s on this Day in 1983.

Someone in the administration office at Monson High School may have noted my absence.

But the freshly fallen snow and Alco RS-11s working the road freight to New London distracted me. Really now, I think that making this sequence of photographs was more important than sitting around in some old classroom.

On January 5, 1983, CV RS-11s  work a southward freight at Chestnut Street in Monson, Massachusetts. Exposed on Kodak Tri-X using a Leica 3A with 50mm Summitar.
Look! A school bus. Ha!

Now, 34 years later I still don’t think I was wrong. Do you?

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6 comments on “Central Vermont RS-11s on this Day in 1983.

  1. Michael Walsh on said:

    The Alco smoke from the No. 2 unit is impressive. Like CIÉ’s A- and C-classes in the Crossley years.

  2. Lincoln Reed on said:

    Those shots are epic ! I think I would have stayed back a grade or two because I would have spent so much time at the tracks ! You did the right thing . Look where you ended up !!

    • Perhaps I was saved by the relative rarity of the event. In my day, CV RS-11s leading the road freight in daylight through Monson was unusual. More typically we had GP9s, while the RS-11s tended to work north of Palmer. (Once I learned to drive, there were more days missed at Monson High!)

  3. Michael Walsh on said:

    How many locomotives? I reckon at least five, possibly six.

  4. Should have jumped the train!!!