Romantic Railway Poland

I exposed this timeless scene on a rural Polish branch line at Blotnica south of Wolsztyn on the 25th of April 2002.

John Gruber, Ross Valentine and I were on a week long photo escapade aiming to capture steam operations.

Some times the most effective railway photos don’t feature a train.

Exposed with a Nikon on Fujichrome film in April 2002. Contrast adjusted in post processing for improved presentation on the internet.

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4 thoughts on “Romantic Railway Poland”

  1. I agree that some super photos don’t have trains – this scene rally is timeless – could have been 100 years ago! Timing is everything, and in this case perhaps a lot of luck – how many horse drawn farm wagons are still used in Poland? Perhaps a lot, but I suspect not.

  2. Even more extraordinary would have been for an East German Trabant to appear going the other way, as happened to me on a visit to Poland! But it would have actually spoiled the timeless rural charm of the image achieved.

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